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How our appraisal services works

Sign up today to be one of Federal Appraisal Association's official jewelers and gain access to our friendly, easy to use, Certified Appraisal app from Federal Appraisal Association. You will receive a quality appraisal with professionalism that will last and satisfy your clientele. Use the app to receive an appraisal on any item such as jewelry, watches, and much more.

Digital Smart Card

Each appraisal comes with a verified DCS - Digital Smart Card. Old fashioned certificates can get lost or torn over time, but digital smart cards hold information indefinitely, Merchandise information is secured and embedded for year to come without the worry of deteriorating cerficates.


Provide our certified appraiser with the online link of the jewelry item and receive a Certified Appraisal from FAA.

Become an FAA Member

Becoming a member of the FAA has benefits beyond obtaining your license as a grader and issuing certificate appraisals. If qualified, you will have access to the most sophisticated mobile software only available to individuals who have become certified by FAA. To learn more about the qualification process, please contact us at FederalAAUSA@GMAIL.COM to begin your future in grading.

  • Become A Member

    Your membership grants you
    access to our sophisticated app.

  • Submit For Appraisal

    Easily submit jewelry appraisals
    for your clientle.

  • Authentic Part Marking

    Provides access to specifically mark
    each item for authentication.

  • Pay Online/Offline

    Easy secure payments are made
    within the app or in person.

  • Get Certificate

    Receive professional, top grade
    appraisal certificate & DSC Card.

Unique Certification Platform

Using Federal Appraisal Association’s unique certification platform allows your store to create professional jewelry and watch appraisals for your clientle. The pieces that are brought in by your customers are professionally appraised by one of our certified gemologists with care and detail.

To become an FAA Member Contact us Today! (718) 361-8701